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Coordinator Volunteer | League of Innovators
Entrepreneurship and innovation play a larger role in our work and ecosystem than we think. Our goal is to showcase entrepreneurship not just as a tool to start a business, but as an approach to career and life. It’s about the mindset and skillset that enables someone to take ownership and build solutions regardless of the industry, organization or role they are in.

Connectors are youth that have been entrepreneurial in many forms, showcase the diverse facets of entrepreneurship and play a special role by being on the ground ambassadors working towards fostering youth entrepreneurship and innovation in their regions. The Connector program puts youth at the forefront of LOI’s mission providing a source of inspiration and drive for those already pursuing or interested in pursuing a more entrepreneurial career path.

It takes a village, and we know that. Each Connector works to mobilize, connect and grow the entrepreneurial community in their city. The goal of each connector is to provide young leaders with a platform to have honest conversations about entrepreneurship and innovation while getting access to a strong peer community themselves.

What do Connectors do?
Connectors are independent volunteers supported centrally by LOI Headquarters to build community online and offline. Each Connector can work on one or more of the following pillars:

EVENTS: Organize a series of in-person meetups and events in the form of fireside chats, panel events, innovation challenges, workshops, etc. Become a touch point to entrepreneurial youth and connect them with resources, ideas and opportunities.

CONTENT: Contribute to LOI’s online content via social media posts, blogs, articles, videos, interviews, etc. on topics in entrepreneurship, innovation and personal development.

OUTREACH: Activate communities, partner with existing events and schools (secondary and post-secondary), and expose youth and educators to entrepreneurship through speaking and mentorship, workshop facilitation, booth exhibitions, resource-sharing, etc.

Successful Connectors are:
29 or under when you join (You can continue as a Connector till 30)
Committed to 10 hours per month
Committed to a minimum one year term followed by a review and extension
Community leaders, builders and changemakers with strong communication and organizational skills
Committed to increasing accessibility to entrepreneurship and personal development
Committed to providing a safe space for youth to form a peer community Interested in developing their leadership potential
Willing to support fellow Connectors and engage with the LOI community
Self-starters with an entrepreneurial mindset and drive to take initiative

Connector Perks:
Opportunity to offer insight and contribute to entrepreneurial stewardship, education and future economic impact
Skill-building opportunities and leadership experience to prepare you for your future
Networking within the LOI, Connector and startup community
Support and guidance from the LOI team and Connectors
Access to entrepreneurial and professional development training, webinars and resources
Discounted or free tickets to community events and conferences
Feature on LOI’s social channels and newsletter
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
7:00 PM - 7:00 PM