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Activator Role

Coordinator Volunteer | League of Innovators
League of Innovators (LOI) is a national Canadian charity with a goal of building entrepreneurial acumen for youth, at scale. League of Innovators is a suite of accessible programs and tools to provide youth educational experiences that shorten their path to success, empower their ability to be their own boss, and amplify their impact as future innovators and entrepreneurs

Want to support our mission of building entrepreneurial acumen in youth at scale? Join our brand new Activator program! Activators are industry experts, innovators, and educators ready to give back to the community, and share their professional knowledge and life experiences with youth. Activators are trained by the LOI team on our flagship courses and are given opportunities to facilitate workshops and speak to youth in their local regions.

Identify opportunities in your city for LOI to educate and impact a larger audience of youth Facilitate discovery workshops on entrepreneurship and innovation, such as the Innovation Jam, Entrepreneurship 101 and Defining ‘you’ as an Entrepreneur
Share your personal story and provide youth the knowledge and support to build confidence and take ownership of their careers with purpose and clarity
Help develop skills such as problem-solving, creativity and communication
Collect feedback and track metrics from each workshop and speaking engagement
Become a touchpoint to youth with business ideas and connect them with resources, ideas and LOI’s accelerator or connect program

Experience in entrepreneurship or within a startup community
Past experience facilitating events and/or workshops
Desire to give back and guide young leaders
Passion for entrepreneurship and making a positive difference
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Excellent time management and organizational skills

The Activator role is a volunteer position. Commitment will vary based on workshops in your region and time of year. We recommend setting aside at least 5 hours per month to account for 1-2 speaking engagements.
A 2-hour virtual training session will take place the first week of September followed by a monthly review

First-hand knowledge and experience in LOI’s work with youth entrepreneurs
Professional skills and leadership experience
Contacts and networks within the Canadian startup ecosystem
Opportunities to contribute to entrepreneurial stewardship, education and future economic impact
Being a part of a team of passionate and committed individuals

Rolling applications!

Location: Vancouver or Toronto or Calgary or really anywhere where there are youth in Canada.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
7:00 PM - 7:00 PM