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Step Above Stigma

Cause: Health & Wellness


Sonya Patel & Aly Bonner

About Us:

Step Above Stigma is a Canadian recognized charity, a not-for-profit organization formed at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.


Through all of our fundraisers 100% of the profits will go to mental health organizations across Canada. Through our fundraisers, sock sales, and other events and initiatives, we work towards educating the public on the importance of mental wellness while donating money to mental health charities!


In only one year, Step Above Stigma raised almost $20,000 for mental health organizations and initiatives.


Our socks are green to resemble the colour of mental health, life, energy, and renewal. SAS’s symbol is the semi-colon; the semicolon represents a place where the writer could have stopped writing but chose to go on. Symbolically, the writers are those who could have decided to end their story but continued on.


Our Story:

In 2017, Step Above Stigma is a Queen's University affiliated charitable organization founded by Ampai Thammachak. Ampai founded this organization with hopes of breaking down barriers, reducing stigma, and raising awareness for mental health! With the help of Aly Bonner, Sonya Patel and several associates, they have formed a Canadian recognized charity that raises thousands of dollars to be donated to mental health organizations and groups.


Mission Statement:

Our goal is to improve the accessibility of mental health care across Canada. Mental illness affects 20% of Canadians (1 in 5 people), and if depression is recognized, getting help can make a difference for 80% of the individuals who are affected, allowing them to return to their regular self.


Through countless campaigns, activities, initiatives, and love, our mission is to donate 100% of our funds to mental health organizations across Canada!


The goal of SAS is to raise funds for small and large mental health organizations around Canada to holistically build the global mental health community! Our hope is that Step Above Stigma will increase accessibility to services and help end the stigma around mental health and the important thoughts and feelings that we ALL have.