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Queen's Social Investment Initiative - QS2I


99 University Ave, Kingston, ON

Cause: Other


Matthew Scoffield

About Us:

The Queen's Social Investment Initiative is a not-for-profit organization funded by the Alma Mater Society at Queen's University. We are geared towards tackling issues in developing countries by putting together sustainable and scalable ideas for engagement while becoming an authoritative resource on all things social finance. How can a group of highly motivated but young social entrepreneurs ever hope to make a difference or have an impact? Through technology. We explore gateways to economic development through tools that are available online, over mobile, and connected international aid groups - researching and experimenting with services claiming to serve the underserved. After identifying legitimate avenues to assist those in need of finance, direction, advice, support, or other services, we look to ensure that we can meet local demands while being able to recycle our contributions. Current projects include agricultural & urban enterprises: Uganda (Solar Power Lantern Business), Nepal & Cambodia (Ginger & Cassava farms), Nicaragua, Kenya & India (Clean Water Supply), Chemin Lavi Program in Haiti for Women Business Education, and Natural Disaster Crisis Relief for the Philippines Typhoon, among others. Services include: - Microfinance Loans (through Kiva, Milaap, Zidisha) - On-the-ground support for businesses we have funded (local partners) - Research & Education (Social Investing, Social Finance)

Mission Statement:

To assist under-served entrepreneurs from around the globe in building key entrepreneurial skills, initiating economic development, and improving their standard of living, while simultaneously engaging and educating others on social investing.