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Personnel Support Programs Kingston


11 Mercury Crescent, Kingston, ON K7K 7B4

Cause: Military

About Us:

The Personnel Support Programs (PSP) division of CFMWS contributes to the operational readiness and effectiveness of the Canadian Armed Forces. Through its programs and services, PSP strives to build a strong and healthy military community for all beneficiaries that make up the “One Community – One Million Strong”.

Approx 3,146 PSP employees deliver programs, services and support to the following operations:

• Military Fitness;
• Military Sports;
• Health Promotion Delivery;
• Human Performance;
• Messes;
• Community Recreation;
• Special Events;
• Specialty Interest Activities (Golf, Curling, Marinas, Campgrounds etc);
• Newspapers;
• Deployment Support; and
• Deployment Resources

PSP contributes to the following:

• Operational Readiness; 
• The retention of current CAF personnel; 
• Attracting new recruits; 
• Community Integration; 
• Physical and mental wellness; 
• Base/Wing Fund generation; 
• Esprit de corps; 
• Morale and Welfare/Quality of life; and 
• CAF and community awareness.

PSP invests in the leadership of its workforce to ensure they are well trained, innovative and responsive to the needs of the CAF community.

Our Story:

PSP Fitness is focused on ensuring the operational readiness of the CAF Members, with access capacity of our fitness facilities being available to the wider military community.  However our PSP PLAN are more than gym memberships, they offer access to quality recreational programming and activities like family skates and swims.  Not only  that, but the revenues generated from PSP PLAN are re-invested back into the CAF Community, supporting things like Summer Day Camp, Winter Carnivals and new Splash Pads.

Mission Statement:

The PSP PLAN is designed with Canadian Forces Community in mind:

PRICE – Our PLAN and programs are affordable, we offer payment plans and access to financial support if required.

PRIORITY: We put you first, that means special times for CAF members to work out or personal training plans that are designed for you.

PROXIMITY: Our facilities are near where CAF members work, live and play. From on the Base and Wing to our deployed locations. In addition when traveling you can use the Base or Wing facilities of your destination.
PROGRAMMING: Our PLANS include access to more than just a weight room and cardio equipment, we offer more facilities, quality programming and access to clubs and groups.
POLICIES: We understand the CAF community and our PLANs policies support the challenges faced by members and families.Deployed?We can pause payments.