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Organization Profile Page

Martha's Table Community Program

Charitable Registration Number: #85933 1258 RR0001


629 Princess St

Hours of Operation:

Monday - 9:30am - 6:00pm
Tuesday - 9:30am - 6:00pm
Wednesday - 9:30am - 6:00pm
Thursday - 9:30am - 6:00pm
Friday - 9:30am - 6:00pm

Cause: Health

About Us:

Martha's Table is a place where everyone is made welcome.  We offer a safe and comfortable environment where people using the program may enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner while relaxing and recharging.  Breakfast and lunch are served at no cost to guests, and dinner is $1.  Dinner is a full-serve restaurant style experience with a tasty and nutritious meal offered every Monday through Friday.  

Martha's environment encourages volunteers to take resposnibility for their tasks and offers an experienced supervisor who provides training and support. This allows participants to engage on a deeper level of involvement and community connectedness which we hope provides a unique, memorable and rewarding experience to all.  Volunteers are critical to Martha's mission, sharing lead roles in the creative process of cooking,planning menus, organization of supplies and serving meals.  

Martha's has been serving the community with "food and friendship" since 1997!  With attention to detail and safe work practices, we hope to be in the city for as long as there is a need for our services.  

Our Story:

Martha's Table began serving the Kingston community in 1997.  Organizers recognized a serious need---people were hungry and many were not able to support themselves---so they started the mission that continues on today.  It required a lot of dedication and committment but they laid a solid foundation upon which we continue to grow and evolve to match the emerging needs of our community.

Mission Statement:

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to provide a caring place where people in need can have a nutritious meal and find the social support of a community of friends and volunteers.

Statement of Purpose: Martha’s Table is a community center within the social welfare network of the City of Kingston. Martha’s Table provides a unique home where respect, compassion, caring and social interaction can occur in an atmosphere of mutual support, with nutritious meals and snacks in comfortable dining and lounge facilities.

Martha's Table provides opportunities for volunteers to give back, gain skills and make a meaningful contribution to the community.