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League of Innovators


5 East 8TH Avenue

Cause: Youth


Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber

(250) 883-2389

[email protected]

About Us:

League of Innovators (LOI) is a national Canadian charity with a goal of building entrepreneurial acumen for youth, at scale. League of Innovators is a suite of accessible programs and tools to provide youth educational experiences that shorten their path to success, empower their ability to be their own boss, and amplify their impact as future innovators and entrepreneurs. The League of Innovators programs engages youth in entrepreneurship and innovation from discovery to acceleration. Providing youth diverse set of tools through in-person Crash Courses, Engaged Events and Connect chapters, while building an online platform which features Online Sessions, content and resources. The programming will explore concepts from different perspectives such as the Entrepreneur’s Journey, Purpose, Curiosity, Impact, Problem & Solution, Growth, Building a Start-Up as they pertain to entrepreneurship and value creation in our economy. LOI aims to bring youth out of the box experiences that will build and sharpen their skills but more importantly will build their confidence, empower them to create and take charge, and recognize the power that they hold as innovators and entrepreneurs in our economy. So where does everything fit? Our discovery programs include Online Sessions and Crash Courses, our community-building efforts are built into the national Connect program, and our acceleration programs include our national virtual accelerator LOI Labs and our post-seed stage residency Launch. Because our focus is sector agnostic, we intend to reach and impact youth from across gender, ethnic, socio-demographic and geographic divides. LOI wants to provide all youth in Canada access to the tools, that can enable them wherever they may be or whoever they may be, to create the businesses that they want to see in the world. Drawing a clear line for youth through the programming layers from entrepreneurial education to start up to scalable businesses.

Our Story:

Ryan Holmes is the founder and CEO of Hootsuite. He started the company in 2008 and has helped grow it into the world’s most widely used social relationship platform, with 16-million-plus users, including more than 800 of the Fortune 1000 companies. A serial entrepreneur who started his first business in high school, Ryan supports youth entrepreneurship through his charity, League of Innovators, offering online and in-person programs for the next generation of entrepreneurs. He’s also proud to have steered Hootsuite to B-Corp status for its commitment to social causes.

Mission Statement:

To develop entrepreneurial acumen in youth at scale across regions. We do this by delivering a suite of programs and creating a movement of youth with entrepreneurialism and innovation.