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Kinetic Communities

Cause: Health & Wellness


Parmeet Manku


[email protected]

About Us:

Kinetic Communities is a registered government of Canada not-for-profit organization. We launched in 2015 and began phase 1 of our programming in CRC regent park in Toronto. Here, with the aid of our sponsor, S.E.E.D.S, we  provided weekly workshops where we educated the community on certain health topics (heart health, bone health, mental health), and provided corresponding fitness education. We concluded the workshops with a cooking activity where we taught healthy recipes that people can practice at home. Phase 2 launched in 2017 where we received a grant from the Ontario ministry of health to provide health education to immigrants communities. Here we partnered up with Jane Alliance to provide monthly programming to the senior audience where we talked about risk factors for various diseases and prevention techniques they can practice at home. Phase 3 launched in 2018 where we got incorporated as an official not-for-profit organization. Here were worked with Shoppers Love You program to offer women’s health programming. With the support of Shoppers Drug Mart, we were able to offer monthly workshops at Jane Alliance which focused on various health topics that focused on improving the overall lifestyle for women. This included osteoporosis prevention, nutritional education for senior women, as well as fitness for women. We were also able to publish weekly blogs which focused on women hygiene, fitness, menopause, and mental health, which are found on our website:

Our Story:

Kinetic Communities was an idea that was presented to a case competition in 2015 at the University of Toronto. This idea came to bloom after I took part in a volunteer trip to Honduras with Global Brigades Canada. Here I was able to work with doctors and pharmacists to provide free healthcare to the communities in need. During this brigade, I was able to meet several people who were interested in to providing health education back home in Toronto. 

Mission Statement:

The mission of Kinetic Communities is to empower communities through cohesive programming that strives to foster knowledge of health education and fitness within families. With the help of community volunteers, medical professionals, and student health advocates, Kinetic Communities works to strengthen relationships within communities while promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.