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Intricate Burns

Charitable Registration Number: ##87242 1843 RR0001


74 Earl Street

Hours of Operation:

Monday - 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday - 10:00am - 11:00am

Cause: Arts & Culture


Chip McCrimmon

905 931 6249

[email protected]

About Us:

My name is Chipewyan "Chip" McCrimmon and I am Dene (Chipewyan specifically) and a member of the Deninu K'ue First Nation. My home community is located in Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories on the Eastern shore of the Great Slave Lake. I was also raised throughout Northern Saskatchewan and while growing up there I was influenced by the Woodland Cree culture as well! I am very proud of my Indigenous heritage and I strive to be a great representative of my people. 


A huge part of my culture is focused on the earth and everything that it encompasses. I have been very influenced by this in creating my art as I really want to portray the beauty of our environment and all that we coincide with, such as trees & animals. A key aspect of my culture is realizing why humans were put on the planet for, and that is to be the caretakers of Mother Earth and all that live in it. We were put on this planet to help take care of it and all that encompasses it, not to destroy it. I hope to promote that part of my Indigenous culture into the Canadian culture through my art.


As my art is made from wood, I have made it a priority and focus to help give back to the Mother Earth as it has provided me with the ability to make my art through the use of trees. I pay for the planting of 5 trees per piece of art purchased. Additionally, I have made an effort to acquire my wood from things such as unusable wooden furniture. In doing so, I am recycling it instead of it being thrown into the dump.


Ever since I was a kid I loved to create art. I enjoyed trying and learning different mediums such as drawing, sculpting, painting, pottery, and most recently wood burning (or otherwise known as pyrography). In late 2015, I tried my hand at wood burning for the first time at a wood burning workshop and I instantly fell in love with it. I ended up catching on to it very quickly, and I am proud to say I am self-taught!


I enjoy wood burning because it ties together a multitude of different artistic skills into one. Wood Burning is unlike most art mediums and is special to me because it connects my mind to Mother nature and the earth. I find wood burning to be such a fun experience and I encourage anyone to try it!


In May of 2016, I was unemployed and in desperate need of money to pay for food, rent, and a maxed-out credit card. One of my friends suggested I turn my artistic ability into a business and that is exactly what I did.


The reason why I decided to continue making my art, was to share my passion for wood burning and to promote Native culture and art with others. I find creating art to be very therapeutic, great for one's mental health, and ultimately beneficial for one's overall well-being.


I believe everyone should get themselves involved with art in some form or another; whether that be making your own piece, going to an art gallery, or even supporting a local artist like myself!

Mission Statement:

To make some nice Indigenous art for the great Skoden.