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Engaging Young Entrepreneurs

Cause: Youth


Sarah Hesp

About Us:

Engaging Young Entrepreneurs is an organization operated by youth, for youth, that is dedicated to increasing youth exposure to entrepreneurship and business. Engaging Young Entrepreneurs strives to become a key organization in connecting youth to opportunities, resources, and career pathways in entrepreneurship and business. Founded in 2018, Engaging Young Entrepreneurs has since held two annual events, en-GAGE and en-GAGE With Careers reaching 300 middle and high school Kingstonian students. Its most recent event, en-GAGE With Careers aims to introduce, inform, and inspire youth through engaging learning experiences.

Our Story:

Engaging Young Entrepreneurs was founded in September 2018 by two high school students, Myra Chan and Sarah Hesp. Challenged with promoting entrepreneurship to students who lacked knowledge and exposure to business and entrepreneurship, Engaging Young Entrepreneurs was born. What began as a two-person project with limited funding and resources, quickly developed into a small organization with a youth executive team and a network of funding and resources. Engaging Young Entrepreneurs will continue to strive to shape youth's perspective of business and entrepreneurship through engaging learning experiences.

Mission Statement:

Engaging Young Entrepreneur strives to open up students’ eyes to entrepreneurial resources in the community, encourages the discovery of new opportunities and pathways, while aiming to inspire leadership, creativity, and innovation.