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BizSkills Academy


310 Bagot Street

Cause: Education


Norman Musengimana


[email protected]

About Us:

We see BizSkills Academy as a solution to solving some of the biggest problems that Africa has been facing for so many years. Problems such as economic instability, brain-drain due to lack of opportunities, and even access to business education. Our organization is seeking to approach the systemic problems that Africa has faced by using a strategic bottom-up approach, rather than a top-down approach. We do this by focusing our efforts on educating and empowering marginalized Africans such as youth and women. How we do this is by providing them affordable & accessible tools & resources on our web-platform that is based around entrepreneurship specifically. The skills, mindsets, and knowledge that individuals take from our platform provides them with the tools necessary for success, that they would otherwise not have access to. Our focus is to create impact by helping build up individuals across Africa; so that they can build up their communities, countries, continent, and the World. BizSkills is going to help play an integral role in the rebuilding of the continent so that it is sustainable and no longer dependent on foreign aid; especially now that the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement has been signed by the majority of the member countries.

Our Story:

BizSkills Academy was born out of the experience gained while working with and supporting potential and early-stage entrepreneurs. The founding team helped over 1500 entrepreneurs to launch startup companies while at the same time helping over 300 small and medium entrepreneurs to navigate their challenges. An assessment of common challenges that exist in different countries was conducted, and it uncovered great resources for entrepreneurs who are located in/near major cities and who knew what they wanted to do and how to do it. However, a very huge gap was uncovered from the time a potential entrepreneur had an aha moment when that great idea comes up to the time when they actually know that it is a great business idea that needs to be tamed. The situation was even more alarming when considering potential entrepreneurs who are located in remote communities. They can not access incubation services and they are really struggling. After uncovering this gap, we embarked on a journey to take some of the tools we used to use in face to face workshops and consulting while supporting early-stage entrepreneurs, and we also embarked on a journey to develop new programs and tools to develop one of the best virtual incubators that exist in the world today. Today, we have launched granular projects in 5 African countries and in Kingston, Ontario - Canada. We are just starting and the future looks bright. With your support, we will be able to change many people's lives. Help us to help those in need.

Mission Statement:

Empowering youth and women with guidance, tools, inspiration, and an ecosystem to create scalable solutions for their respective communities’ emerging challenges.