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Berners for Life

Charitable Registration Number: #56789053

Cause: Animals


Marina Radovanovic


[email protected]

About Us:

"Berners for Life" is a Bernese Mountain Dog rescue based out of Kingston ON. We rescue, rehabilitate, and fosters for our Bernese Mountain Dog's to find them a forever home.

Our Story:

Marina, the founder of Berners for Life, was a nanny for a family that had a Bernese Mountain Dog that was rescued from a puppy mill. Marina fell in love with the breed, as she spent tons of time taking care of the dog when the family was away for vacation. After falling in love with the breed, she researched the breed, and unfortunately found many problems within the breeding process of this particular breed of dog. Marina wanted to do what she loved to do, and start rescueing the loving Berner's to provide them with a forever home to owners who will appreciate their down to earth, loving family addition. 

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide all Bernese Mountain Dogs in need of a home, with a forever home.